Almost Nothing

by Aidan Saunders

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released March 7, 2017

All music and lyrics by Aidan Saunders.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Jonas Bonnetta at Port William Sound.
Aidan Saunders - Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Wurlitzer, Synths, Mandolin
Jonas Bonnetta - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Wurlitzer
Cover Photo by Aidan Saunders
Text by Angela Grant Saunders

Special thanks to mom and dad, without whom this wouldn't have been possible



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Aidan Saunders Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Lethe
We don't have time to talk anymore
I wish we had more time so we could settle our score
It feels like it's been more than just one week's time

I'm sure if we had more time together, this would be just fine
I didn't know quite what to say, what was on my mind
Maybe some moments to vent my thoughts would be just what I'd need
Or maybe those moments could never change how I'd feel

Maybe this isn't over yet
Maybe we'll talk and forget
Maybe this time we'll forgive the truth

Then it will be better for me and for you
We will both be be happy, we won't be so blue
We can drink that waters of Lethe, forget peacefully
But after all of that, will I finally be free?
Track Name: Temporary Places
Be better than me, don't make my mistakes.
Don't wait for the right day, the light won't discriminate.
I know it's hard to feel my pain, but don't just walk away.
That won't solve anything, anything worth saving.

There will be days you won't feel the same.
But you'll have to face it
and you'll think that you can't make it.
Fake a smile, erase it.
When your cheeks are dry, know not to say I've made it.
That won't delay the pain that's bound to come again.

I bet you won't make up half of me.
You won't smile as happily, and things won't be as funny.

I know that the journey is long, but don't think that you have to write everything in a song.
They'll take a long time, they'll play with your mind.
The tears won't be happy.
Each one, a bit more entropy
"Don't worry, it's temporary."
Can anybody find me?
Track Name: Almost Nothing
You know I'm not smiling
It just goes to show
I don't care for nothing
I just don't know
Do I stand here in the rain,
Or go back inside?
I guess I'll stay
I've got nothing to hide

All those drives home, all alone
For nothing, almost nothing
You said that I am free, I must feel relieved
But really, it's not that easy

I know I'm not crying
Doesn't mean it's not hard
To love you one morning
And that night be torn apart
I said something about loving you
You wouldn't let it go
Sometimes it's best not to say
What both people know

All those long goodbyes, tears in your eyes
The feeling, it wasn't healing
You said that I should leave, not for you, for me
Not for nothing, just almost nothing